My art is a state and a way.


The main theme of my work is loneliness. The Banishment. The contrast between the physical and the metaphysical.


My heroes, be they living or simply objects, are temporarily stranded in this material world on their path to further development. I perceive the world around me as a temporary stop. The space of my works is static and symmetrical, seemingly absent, emphasizing the endlessness of time. My characters are in constant motion. They are trying to reach beyond this immovable physical world, taking the limits off their space. Awareness of the impossibility of moving further to their origins affects each of the heroes differently - sparking tragedy, humility, protest.


I often refer to everyday objects, the use of miniature elements against the background of large spaces, multi-exposure, repeats. Mirrors, watches, triangles, and hands are frequent symbols in my works. Using these tools, I try to reach inside of the viewer. Or I try to understand myself. You decide.