Anna Chobotova


Freelance photo artist based in Paris.

Anna was born in Russia.
1996-2001 - the Karelian University, faculty of foreign languages, diploma ´Teacher of Finnish and English 
2005 - The University of Manchester, postgraduate diploma in "Cultural management".
2006 - diploma ‘Photo artist’ of the international photo school "Fotoart-School".

Workshops with Igor Sakharov, Kirill Novosartov, Yuri Palmin, Andrei Chezhin.
2007-2018 - the founder and director of the "AnnaKids" studio.
Anna takes part in exhibitions and is invited to publish in European editions and photo albums.
Since 2008 she has been cooperating with the Karelian State Philharmonic.

Anna works with such musicians as Julia Igonina, Eduard Grach, Vadym Kholodenko, Marius Stravinsky, Aylen Pritchin.
Anna's works are used by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Karelian State Philharmonic and others.

Many works are in the personal collections in Europe and Russia.




 - Personal exhibition "Sensuality”, October, 2008, Russia, State National Theater of Republic of Karelia;

 - Group exhibition “The fathers and the kids”, February, 2009, Russia, State Puppet Theater of Republic of Karelia;

 - Personal exhibition Moulin Rouge: Mirror", RussiaPetrozavodsk, November, 2009;

 - Group exhibition, LOFT-project “Seasons of the year. Onega tractor factory», September-October, 2010;

 - Personal exhibition “In AnnaKids Country”, October-November, 2010, State Puppet Theater of Republic of Karelia;

 - Exhibition of Anna Chobotova and Andrey Chernushov, April, 2011, The Gallery “Grain”;

 - Personal exhibition “In the angel’s country”, May-June, 2011, Karelian State Philharmonic;

 - Group exhibition “Author – time”, November-December, 2011, the museum of industrial history of Petrozavodsk;

 - Personal exhibition “Dreams from childhood”, August-September, 2012, Karelian State Philharmonic.

 - Personal exhibition “Dreams from childhood”, November, 2012 Finland/Joensuu.

 - Personal exhibition “Walking shadows” (the best lithprints), November, 2015, Russia, Karelian State Philharmonic.

 - Group exhibition "Monocle" according to the results of the All-Russian competition (finalist), November, 2017, St. Petersburg.





 -UNLIMITED GRAIN/ PORTRAITS (edited by Frans Peter Verheyen)/2011, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

 -Book Contest Unlimited Grain 2014 (edited by Frans Peter Verheyen)/2011, Rotterdam, the Netherlands)




 Magazine "Wrozka"/Poland, 2017